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In regard to protect the environnement and limit the waste of products, Ifitsus will take 1 week and a half to make the printed shirts and facemasks. Most of those products are printed on orders. 

All the products are handcrafted in Paris.


Ifitsus do worldwide shipping.  Please if you know that your destination have some shipping problems, do not hesitate to inform us, we will do our maximum to make it easier for you.

Items are shipped from Paris and by Postal service standard mail (3-7 Days shipping time) and International Priority Mail (Transit times vary based on destination).


Due to the extremely limited production run nature of IFITSUS items, all sales are final. Refunds are only provided for merchandise damaged in transit. If you have received merchandise that was damaged or have an issue with your shipment, please contact with proof and details of damage.


We are still Human. If you do have a problem on the website or doubt of something or juste want to talk, do not hesitate to contact us via or via the chat section. We will always try to do our best to please you. 

Personal info protection

In regards of the informatic law for the protection of personal infos, we inform you that all the informations receive on are collected by Ifitsus PARIS. Those infos are only use to make insure a good relation with our customers.

Only Ifitsus team is allowed to consult or have acces to your volontarly given info. 

You got the right anytime to modify or delete your informations. If you have any question regarding your informations please send us an email at :

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